A Canvas for your best ideas, more than just glassboards.

The product lineup from Clarus is revolutionizing how we communicate with visual display systems. As the leading manufacturer of innovative glass dry-erase systems, Clarus continually develops stylish yet functional office collaborative products. Yesterday's presentation will no longer be today's distraction.



Projection Glass

Lights on, it’s the cleanest, most efficient writing surface available; lights off, it’s the premier, high-definition projection surface.

Clarus’ design team spent three years developing our patented, Micro AG 32 technology that delivers a beautifully crisp projection. View’s efficient and purposeful design gives you picture-perfect presentations every time.


Float + Depth

The timeless original.
Clean lines and invisible mounting make Float the perfect board for any space.

Clarus Boards never stain or ghost. Your notes and presentations will always look sharp and fresh. Precision crafted Clarus Glass is five times stronger than normal glass. Float will look brand new for a lifetime.


Mounting Style

Complement your space with the mounting style of your choice – minimal, direct to the wall, or with stainless steel stand-offs.

Mask-Group-34 (1).jpg

Surround : Timber

Bring the outdoors inside.Add an element of warmth and natural texture with one of three solid, hardwood choices for your Surround frame. Wood and glass – it’s only natural.

Go_Hero_v2-1 (1).jpg

Go! Mobile

The glassboard goes mobile. Take a look at our most popular product and how it's transforming everyday spaces into collaborative hotspots.

go! is your perfect glass canvas. Every go! Mobile is handcrafted in Texas using thoughtfully selected, premium materials. What will you create with go! Mobile?




The easy, cost-effective upgrade for furniture systems. Turn your existing workspace into a creative canvas.

Let’s reevaluate how office furniture serves the needs of the modern, mobile workforce. Adapt transforms your workstation without replacing it.

Compatible with over 40 office-space organization and furniture systems on the market today – Adapt provides a turnkey solution that fits perfectly, every time.



Flip is a hybrid glassboard and acoustic panel installation that transforms with your minute-by-minute needs.

Enjoy a quieter workspace.
Clarus felt absorbs up to 85% of the office chatter nobody likes to hear.



Your space re-invented. Carry the conversation beyond traditional boards and notepads – capture ideas and brainstorm any time inspiration strikes. Don't settle for drywall. Upgrade to Clarus.

Clarus Wall2Wall offers a completely custom solution for environmental design and new build applications. Wrap an entire office in beautiful, crisp dry-erase writing glass to create the perfect space.

More Clarus Products

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